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Win $1,000 to tell your fellow students How to do their Laundry!

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Win $1,000 to tell your fellow students
"How to do your Laundry!"

Have you seen anyone in the laundry room clueless as to how much clothing goes into a washing machine or how much detergent to use? Then enter the “How to do your laundry” video contest for Lehigh University and have the opportunity to help your fellow students AND win $1,000 cash for first place prize and $500 for second place prize! Simply provide a video not longer than 3 minutes instructing how to do laundry in the Lehigh University laundry facilities and Equipment Marketers will judge based on the quality, content and entertainment value of the video. The video will then be made available to all the students at Lehigh University. 


No purchase necessary to enter or win. The "How to do your Laundry" Video Contest ("Contest") is designed to give Lehigh University students the chance to explain to their fellow students how to properly do laundry in the Lehigh University laundry facilities. Contest Entrants will explain how to do laundry in the video and the finalists will have their "How to do your laundry" videos featured on Lehigh University’s website.

You can enter the contest as an individual or as a team but prizes will be awarded to one Lead Producer to keep the award or divide up as that person designates. All team members must be current students at Lehigh University.